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Golden Gate Bridge
Night view of Capitol Building


I have been videographer or cinematographer for documentaries, news and sports stories, and segments broadcast on most major US stations, as well as internationally:

PBS Segments in France shot for a one-hour special questioning the biblical version of Mary Magdalene's role in early Christianity.

National Geographic Channel Pick-up shots of the Golden Gate Bridge

CNN More than 300 stories covering news, features, scientific stories, and sports as CNN's first cameraman in the Northwestern US.

The Outdoor Life Network Samurai Sportsman, a 13-part reality series for The Outdoor Life Network directed by Rob Fruchtman, including segments on bull riding, fly fishing, steer wrestling, and motocross riding.

Hallmark Segment on Adoption.

Showtime Trust Me: Shalom, Salaam, Peace, a documentary about boys attending an interfaith camp in the wake of September 11, directed by Rob Fruchtman. Last of the Incas, an adventure film about hiking the Inca trail to Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes, co-directed with Rob Fruchtman.

Emmy Worldwide Broadcast Robin Williams segment.

Multiple Broadcasts Disney, The Discovery Channel and international Segments for the Emmy award winning series Scenic Wonders of America-Pacific Frontiers, Wonders of Nature, Wonders of Man’s Creation, Splendor of Nature, and Ancient Splendors. Sponsored by Readers Digest.

Climb Against the Odds, produced by Steve Michelson, Karen Carlson, and Jeanne Rizzo with the Breast Cancer Fund.

ESPN, MTV & VH1 Various segments.