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Carnaval Dancers
Dancer at Angor Wat, CambodiaTina Kay Bohnstedt
Diablo Ballet -- Amy Foster


I have enjoyed filming dance projects on locations ranging from the disciplined elegance of the ballet hall to the streets of San Fransico:

San Francisco Ballet—many different projects including; shooting the video for the opening gala video on Helgi Tomasson's 20 years with the country's oldest professional ballet company; shoots in New York, including an interview with Mark Morris, who proclaims SF Ballet the "best company in North America;" material for the Dance School video and for the upcoming three- quarter-century mark, all produced and directed by Bob Kalsey.

Browers over Broadway—a dance/musical, shot in New York and San Francisco for Microsoft, both produced by Bravura Films and directed by Bob Kalsey.

OMO—Emmy award winning dance project aired on PBS, produced and directed by Rob Fruchtman.

Two by Margaret Jenkins Dance Company—two modern dance performances, produced by KQED and directed by Rob Fruchtman.

Diablo Ballet—different projects for Lauren Jonas, artistic director and co-artistic director and choreographer Nikolai Kabaniaev, including videotaping performances. Currently shooting a documentary on the creative process of creating a Ballet with Nikolai and the Diablo Ballet, including their travels to perform at the invitation of the U.S. State department at the International Music and Dance Festival in Bangkok, Thailand. Liz Devon is producing the documentary video.

Carnaval—video taped this San Francisco multi-cultural event featuring colorful floats, music and dancing in the street.

Photo Credits:
Second row, right: Tina K Bohnstedt
Third and fifth rows: Amy Foster
Fourth row: Diablo Ballet, Jekyns Pelaez & Tina K Bohnstedt