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St Basil's Cathedral
Balloon, Valley of KingsEgypt
Singers, Papau New Guinea


A love of travel and adventure has combined to send me on the road to some pretty amazing locations. My work on award-winning documentaries has taken me all over the world, from the depths of the jungles of Central America, to the skies over Papua New Guinea. Here are some of my favorite moments:

Shooting helicopter aerials over some of the most remote jungles and mountain areas in Papua New Guinea.

Filming in and around Red Square and the Kremlin with cranes and dollies in the dead of winter as President Yeltsin drives by in his motorcade.

Shooting from a hot air balloon while floating through the Austrian Alps.

Trying to stay dry and warm as a large calving section of glacier ice crashed into Glacier Bay, Alaska sending up a small tidal wave of water that covered our camera platform.

Following the Great Wall of China from Beijing to the Yellow Sea, while dealing all the way with the communist government.

Drifting above the Valley of the Kings in Egypt in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

Watching each step as I looked for land mines while filming in the remote Temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

Filming the sunset in Tikal, Guatemala, then walking down a dark jungle trail, listening to the howler monkeys, and crossing paths with the deadly "two step" poisonous snake.

Filming the pomp and ceremony as the King of Saudi Arabia and his entourage entered the room to dedicate the new King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.